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Principal: Mike Gaudreau
Dance Director: Maureen Maguire

I. Purpose
II.  Class and Rehearsals
III. Performance
IV.  Summer Requirements
V. Dancewear and Uniforms
VI. Finances/Fundraising
VII. Honor Code of Conduct

I. Purpose

The Dazzler Dance Team is an auditioned performance group. Dancers are selected in the spring and must meet all requirements until graduation of the following year. Schedules will not be changed in any mid grading period

A. The purpose of this group is to foster:

* Self Discipline - Self Respect - Self Worth
* Responsibility and dependability within each dancer
* Organizational Skills
* A standard of excellence in performance
* Teamwork
* Each dancer as a positive role model and as an ambassador for Seminole High School.

B. The Student Handbook is part of this constitution. Students are expected to know the rules of SHS and are required to follow them.

C. The rules stated in this constitution are not inclusive. All calendars are subject to change. Dancers are expected to adjust their schedules and keep their parents informed.

II.  Class and Rehearsals

A.  Dance Team is a full year class. Administration will not change student schedules during the year.  Any student unable to fulfill the Dazzler requirements will fail.

1. Dancers will be placed by skill level in one of the two Dazzler classes.  Both classes are required to perform for the half time show, in competitions and all other Dazzler functions.
2. Any dancer unable to fit her assigned 6th or 7th period class into her schedule because of conflicts will have to be removed from the team.
3. Dancers will begin each nine weeks with 100 points (A) for their daily grade and 100 points (A) for each performance.  Points are deducted for: an unexcused absence from a performance or rehearsal, failure to follow daily and practice dress attire, failure to follow performance procedures, failure to follow the constitution and any other “failure to meet” or infractions of class/performance requirements.
4. A missed performance or rehearsal may be “excused” by the director and thus no grade deduction. The “excused” status does not change the dancer being removed from the next performance

B.  Class Procedures. (These rules are not inclusive)

1. Dressed by the tardy bell, and standing in rank and file.
2. Proper attire as instructed by the director.
3. Hair in pony tail. Rubber bands must hold hair back for the entire rehearsal. No scrunchies.
4. NO JEWELRY (includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, ankle bracelets, belly button rings and watches).  There is no time available during a school year for piercing of body parts.  Dancers who wish to pierce ears etc. must chose a time other than during the traditional school year.  Points are deducted for not taking off all jewelry in class/performance the dancer is benched.  Band-Aids are not considered a solution.
5. Appropriate behavior and attitude. Listening position required at all times.
6. Follow directions and respect the rights of others.
7. Do not borrow practice clothing from another teammate.
8. No talking in rehearsal or class. 
9. Do not bring friends, family members or boyfriends to rehearsal.
10. Attend all class and rehearsal times.
Parents should notify the director before a student misses a rehearsal. It
will be at the director’s discretion to excuse or not excuse the absence.
12.No food or drinks (other than water) during rehearsal or class. This includes quick water breaks.
13. All dancers must COVER UP before leaving rehearsal.
14. Dancers are to follow the instructions of the officers without questions or comments.
15. ‘Thank you’ is the correct response after each correction from the dancer to the director, officer or parent.
16. After school practices are mandatory and are averaged to determine the nine weeks grade.

C.  Examples of Unexcused Rehearsals/Performances

1. Any appointments (dentist, doctor, etc.)
2. Family reunions, outings, vacations etc.
3. Attending another function instead of rehearsal.
4. Missing because of a test the next day.
5. Work
6. Interviews of any kind
7. Benched, then not attending rehearsal/performance
8. Not attending because of injury or illness that does not prevent traveling.
9. Dismissal from class or rehearsal

D.  Tutoring

1. Tutoring time will be scheduled at the director's discretion. In most cases, students are allowed to attend tutoring up until 3:00 pm except during the week of a competition.
2. Dancers are not to use practice time or class time to make up tests for absences that are not dance team related.
3. Signed passes from the tutoring teacher are required upon returning to rehearsal.

E.  Dismissal from class or rehearsal

1. Inappropriate behavior
2. Failure to follow instructions
3. Actions or manners that undermine the progress of the rehearsal
4. Repeated offenses after being warned
5. Inviting friends or boyfriends to rehearsal or class
6. Negative attitudes that affect the team
Any dancer continuously making the above infractions will be removed from the team.

Being dismissed from class/rehearsal will affect your nine weeks grade.

III. Performance 

A. Procedures

1. Promptness in rank and file formation. Five minutes before call time is considered “prompt”.
2. Dressed in full uniform, which includes shoes, hair, hairnets, tights, etc.
3. All attire in good condition and properly worn. Any shoes, tights, etc., not in good condition or of the correct color will result in a grade deduction and a benching.
4. No fingernail polish or jewelry. This includes acrylic nails. The director, prior performance day, must approve “fake” fingernails. They must look natural and have no “shine”.
5. Make-up is mandatory and the director determines the color and brand. All students will be instructed on the application.
6. Dazzlers are required to attend all performances
7. Follow instructions
8. No talking in line-up
9. No acknowledgment of anyone other than the director (head movement, wave, etc.)
10. Dazzlers must master and execute headsnaps
11. Stay in formation and assigned areas
12. Maintain a professional attitude for the entire time in uniform
13. Permission required from the dance and/or band director before leaving a performance early.
14. Permission forms/medical release forms turned in when due. Grade points are deducted when late.
15. In school and after school performances are mandatory and are averaged to determine the nine weeks grade.
16. Dancers are required to travel to and from performances with the team.
17. Dazzlers may never leave the team to sit with family/friends/boyfriends.

         Failure to meet performance procedures will result in a benching.

B. Eligibility Requirements

1. Dancers will audition for the director prior to a performance. Routine must be precise and well executed. A student’s attitude in rehearsal or class prior to the audition will factor in the director’s final decision.
2. If any class days or rehearsal times are missed the week of a performance, or after tryouts, the dancer is not eligible to perform.
3. Dancers must attend school the day of a performance or field trip.
4. Dancers must have the routine memorized to stay in the formation during practice.
5. Individual fund raising accounts must be current to perform.

C. Benchings: Benchings are given for infractions of the rules and result in a dancer becoming ineligible to perform in the next performance. The following are examples of infractions that will result in a benching.

1. Any negative reaction to an officer’s instructions or comments.
2. Miss a performance - benched for the following performance.
3. Two F's on a nine weeks report card benched for all FHSAA activities.
4. Inappropriate behavior during the previous performance.
5. Wearing the wrong outfit. 
6. Late
7. Work
8. Missing a rehearsal (excused or unexcused)      

Ineligible dancers must meet all other class, rehearsal, and performance requirements. Disciplinary action from any teacher can result in a benching. The director will determine the length of the ineligibility. The director may choose not to remove a dancer from a performance with less than a week’s notification for the protection of the team. The dancer will be removed the following performance. The director may choose to place any Dazzler on a probationary status if that Dazzler is showing absenteeism in other classes, for problems that result in administrative action, and/or for behavioral problems resulting in teachers requesting my help. ATTENDANCE AND CITIZENSHIP COUNTS, GIRLS. DO NOT MISS YOUR CLASSES!!  Dazzlers will be removed from the team if they repeatedly demonstrate inability to follow school rules and the classroom discipline for their other teachers.

IV.  Summer Requirements

A.  Summer Practice

1. Summer practice for the team will begin June 4th. A calendar of all dates and times is in your packet.
2. Dazzlers are required to be at all summer rehearsals unless written notification of a vacation is given. A parent must sign the notice and give the dates that will be missed.

B.  Dance Camp

1. A dancer must attend dance camp in order to remain on the team.
2. Place:  Stetson University in Deland
3. Dates:  July 5th  - July 8th.
4. Cost:   $300.00 – Includes hotel room, meals, ribbons trophies, transportation to and from the hotel and instruction.
5. All required camp dancewear must be purchased by the end of June.
6. No dancer will be allowed to drive to camp.
7. Spending money optional.
8. Any dancer failing to comply with the Dazzler Constitution will be sent home. No refunds will be given.
9. A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 must be turned in by May 14th.  Balance is due July 25th.

C. Band Camp

1. Band camp will be held August 6th through August 10th.  Dates and times
2. There is no fee for band camp.
3. Water jugs are mandatory during band camp practice and all after school practices with the band.

V. Dancewear and Uniforms

A.  Rehearsal Clothes

1. All team members must have the required shoes and clothing.
2.  Rehearsal clothing must be replaced if lost or damaged. Tights that have become too indecent to wear must be replaced. Your grade is affected.
3.  Rehearsal clothing must be worn when assigned.
4.  Items that are purchased through the Dazzler Dance Team must be paid in full before you can receive them.
5.  No physical contact allowed in rehearsal clothing or any clothing that has the Dazzler logo. This includes handholding, kissing, hugging etc.                  

B.   Uniforms and Performance Costumes

1. Uniforms/costumes will be purchased from sponsorship and fund raising money.
2. Dancers are responsible for maintenance and the replacement cost if damaged.
3. Uniforms/travel suits are to be worn only with the team and only with the director’s approval.
4. Correct accessories must be worn with every uniform.
5. Appropriate behavior is required while in uniform.
6. No physical contact allowed while in uniform.
7. Do not wear your travel suit jacket or pants to school without director approval.

Performance tights and shoes must be in good condition.
(No runs, severe scuff marks, holes).

VI. Finances/Fundraising

1. Fundraising money is used to purchase the majority of items needed by the Dazzlers. Participation is mandatory. Every Dazzler will participate in team assigned fundraisers and she will be required to raise $60.00 a month through fundraising activities.  Fundraisers that are not team assigned are optional for the dancer. Some competitions may require each dancer to pay for transportation, hotel and/or competition entry fees. Some fundraisers may require each dancer to bring in soda, water, etc.
2. Some fundraisers will require a Dazzler to recruit help, i.e. M/A competition and the Citrus Bowl. The MA competition is mandatory for all Dazzlers and every dancer must recruit one helper.
3. You must give 24 hours notice if you are unable to work the concession stand you requested. 
4. Parents may choose to utilize the concession stands to meet the fundraising quota or they may choose to pay the monthly amount. You may work as many concession stands as you wish, but every Dazzler must supply two workers at least once during the course of her year (May 2007 – May 2008)
5. A fundraiser will always have a minimum amount. A Dazzler may raise more than the team requires.
6. Anytime a Dazzler earns more than the monthly requirement, that money is “credited” to her and can be used for: camp, Texas, payment for another month’s fundraiser, etc. Personal property cannot be purchased through fundraising money. Fundraising money can never be returned to a student.
7. Scheduled Fundraisers:

Concession Stands – available several times a month from July through March.
Pie Sales – usually a dancer is required to sell five pies, anything over five is credited to her.
MA Dance Competition – Every dancer must participate
UDA Dance Competition @ SHS – Every dancer must participate
CiCi’s  - Every dancer must work at least once.
Donut Sales: - available any time a parent wishes to organize this fundraiser. Usually all profit is credited to the Dazzler.
Car Washes: - available anytime a parent wishes to organize this fundraiser. All profits are credited to the participating Dazzlers. 
8. Mr. Gaudreau has mandated that a Dazzlers account must be paid in full by the end of the month for her to perform or attend camp.
9. Texas is not part of the fundraising commitment, but you can use overages from other fundraisers to pay for Texas

A.  Sponsorship Money

1. Every dancer is required to turn in $175.00 in sponsorship money. $75.00 by June 11th, $50.00 by June 18th and $50.00 by July 5th. If you are working concession stands over the summer to defray this cost, this time line will than be adjusted to the concession stand schedule. If you are going to be on vacation during these payment periods, you must make arrangements to turn in your sponsor money before you leave.  See Mrs. Beaumont for details and an address to send in your payments. 
2. Sponsorship money will be used for uniforms, props, transportation, hotel rooms, patches, choreography, food, etc.
3. Monthly fundraisers will still be required. See above.
4. No refunds will be given if a dancer is removed or quits the team.  The director must be notified by May 31st if a dancer is not remaining on the team.  Sponsorship money will still be charged to any dancer missing this deadline.  Uniforms, props, etc. will be ordered June 1st.
5. All items purchased through sponsorship money or fundraisers will belong to the SHS Dazzler Dance Team.
6. Sponsor names and addresses must be turned in with the sponsorship money.  Dancers are strongly encouraged to send thank you notes to their sponsors.

A. Texas

1. All Dazzlers will be required, as part of their grade, to compete at MA Nationals in Texas.
2. Fundraisers can be used to defray the cost. A Texas payment plan will be set up.
3. Notification of a dancer’s/chaperone’s inability to attend must be given to the Director in writing by December of 2007.
4. Texas meetings will be held during the school year. Attendance is optional.

VII. Honor Code of Conduct

All Dazzlers agree to follow these rules of conduct:

1. Respect your parents and teachers.
2. Never speak disrespectfully about your teammates.
3. Never dishonor your teammates by dishonoring yourself.
4. Follow the rules of SHS student handbook and the Seminole County handbook.
5. Stay true to your morals and values that have been established by your parents.
6. No smoking, drinking or drugs in or out of uniform.
7. Speak the truth.
8. Follow the Golden Rule.


I ______________________________ have read the Dazzler Constitution and understand all that is required of me and I agree to the terms of the constitution.. I realize that I am a becoming a role model for other students and agree to conduct myself in a manner that will make my parents, teachers, and administrators proud. I am aware that I must demonstrate knowledge of this constitution before I am allowed to perform.


__________________________________                ______________

   Signature                                                  Date


I have read the Dazzler Constitution and understand all the requirements.  By signing this contract, I am giving my permission for ____________________________ to join for the 2007-2008 school year. I understand my parental commitment and agree to the terms of the constitution. 



________________________________                   _____________

                     Parent/Guardian                                        Date

(Only this page is signed and returned. The Dazzler keeps the constitution)

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